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Grant Me Sanctuary

Grant Me Sanctuary

Beneath the grim exterior
Under the erst facade
Xanadu! Xanadu! the hidden, the missing, the lost!
Kings and Queens no longer
Tho’ my sanctuary has disappeared
Pater Zeus can see its repose
Kindly hear my cries–
Zeus, pater! Hera, mother!
Allow my tears their meaning

Precious time has passed away
Since walls began to fall
Persephone’s muted cries fill my broken heart
In retrospect, the pomegranate was not sweet at all
Summer sun and winter chill
Damning seeds, forbidden fruit, widens the gulf…
Xanadu, no longer, thy walls I cannot see.

Spring was here. The world rejoiced.
September’s setting sun brought Demeter’s stinging tears
Alone once more, both she and I,
Find even the nectar, sweet nectar of the gods, bitter.
Vinegar and gall, Ambrosia without taste
Vinegar and gall do not bring solace

Sanctuary, Xanadu, so very far away

Just over that high mountain…
Toward the brightest star…

Orpheus, with enchanting song, was given one last chance
Just don’t look back, Just follow me,
‘Til lost again is found
Music almost won her passage home,
Lost one more for looking back

Apollo, who sees it all, from your chariot on high
Help me find my missing walls, the lonely Xanadu
Lead me back to my abandoned gem
Guide my feet, O great Apollo
Forsake not the lost and vanished peacefulness!

Do not leave my soul melancholic,
Naked, exposed to the morning’s innuendo.
Discover the place, O mighty gods, to my view.

— Brady Emmett – October 2005

I remembered this poem a few weeks back and wanted to make sure I don’t lose it, so I am including it here on my blog. Because blogs are forever. Right?  I originally wrote it for a contest on the puzzle solving website  There are mysteries here. 😀

National Poetry Month Recap!

So, there it went. Goodbye April! See you next time around. I’ll be ready for you next time, I really will.

Did you all have a great National Poetry Month? I sure did. I felt like I was surrounded by good poetry. I didn’t do a lot of reading from the so-called masters, but I did get to see a whole lot of poetry from my friends! Both original and favorites. It was great!

I thought I should put together a quick round-up of all of the poetry posts from National Poetry Month. Here goes:

Amy gave us three posts of her poems. I really liked Sinfonia and Laundry!
Volume One
Volume Two
Volume Three

Mike shared a poem about recent history, which he claims he wrote in the third grade. I’m not sure I buy it.
The Battle of the Blinds

Katherine posted quite a few of her favorite poems:
e.e. cummings
That the Science of Cartography is Limited
Musee des Beaux Arts
Housing Shortage

Elizabeth dropped a poem about one of my favorite things in the world: Trees!

Kara also posted two poems. Her site feed is broken, so you might not have seen them, but they were there. I just saw the second while I was looking for the link for the first, so I haven’t had time to digest yet.
i carry your heart with me
Poem about love

Fridge for Thought featured some great poems this month too. I tried to talk Adam into a National Poetry Month theme, but I thought of it too late.
April 13 – Entries 2 and 4
April 27 – Entry 4

Melanie left a poem in the comments from the last thread:
Our Class

I did talk a group of people from my favorite message board,, to write some poetry in celebration of NPM. I really owe Tweleve and the people who populate the Creative Corner over there for my return to writing poetry a few years ago. They are the ones who dared me, and challenged me, and told me when I missed and when I hit. They’re great poets to boot.
Tweleve National Poetry Month thread

I know this post has drawn on a little long, so I’ll link my poems for the month of April, and then I’ll stop.
The Wind Blew in Detroit II
I dance slowly
Suddenly Spring

I hope everyone got to read a favorite poem this month. Adam and Cass, thanks for the emails with poems in them. Thanks to everyone who took me up on my challenge. I hope I didn’t miss anyone.

Did anyone have a favorite poem they discovered this month?

Celebrate National Poetry Month!

April is National Poetry Month. I didn’t know. No idea!

It turns out it’s only been around since 1996, but still, that’s 13 whole years when I could have been celebrating an obscure and arbitrary holiday, and I wasn’t.

It’s time to change that.

Here’s how I propose to do it:

Write Poetry.

Pretty simple actually, but here’s what that means. I will write poetry during NPM, but I also want you to write poetry this month. After all, it’s not really a celebration if I’m the only one that shows up to the party. Know what I mean?

It’s April 13th already, so there’s still plenty of time, but remember, April is one of those tricky months with only 30 days in them. I invite you (if you are reading this, that means you’re invited) to write a poem, short or long, rhyming or not, iambic pentameter or free verse, and post it in the comments or post it on your blog. I’m also carrying around my fake Moleskine a lot lately, and if you want, you can write your poem in that, which I will scan and put up on my writing blog as bonus material. I’ll try to sum everything up here at the end of the month.

I’ve been writing and reading poetry for most of my life. Here are some things that I’ve learned about writing poetry:
1) Writing poetry is manly.
2) Writing poetry is fun.
3) Poetry doesn’t have to mean anything.
4) Poetry means so much more than just what you wrote down.
5) Poetry doesn’t have to be about serious subjects.
6) Poetry heals the soul.
7) Poetry doesn’t have to rhyme.
8) Poetry doesn’t have to be hard to write.
9) Poetry doesn’t have to be good.

There are exactly zero excuses for you not to write a poem this month. Zero! So do it. Invite others to do it. To get you started, here are all of the poems that I’ve written so far this year. I’m sure that I I’ll be adding a few more. Added bonus: I just dug up an old account I had on Here are some vintage 2006 poems.

So go! Write Poetry! Breathe air! Live!