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A great idea for a new TV show

Here’s an idea. Take a whole bunch of people with superpowers. Put them in an airplane. Make that airplane crash inadvertently on an island in the middle of nowhere. Have a smoke monster, except maybe the smoke monster is actually a person with super powers that got out of control. Throw one of the main character’s fathers on board. They find a hatch, after being chased by tropical polar bears. It turns out that at least one of the people is a fugitive.

One of the super heroes can have a “special someone” off the island who has the resources and the implanted GPS-ness to find them on the island. There should also be at least one fake corporation funding all of this, preferably from Asia. For extra measure, add back a character that everyone is convinced is dead, except he has good hair and daddy issues. He’s not on the island, but he’s supposed to be, and bad things will happen to some of the people on the list if he doesn’t start cooperating.

Seriously, if someone on Heroes starts playing backgammon next week, I think I’ll cry. (Note to the Heroes producers: You have only a few weeks to convince me that you know what you’re doing. And honestly, a crossover isn’t going to fool us, so if Jack Shepherd shows up… I’m out. After all, Charlie was a rock star on Chuck tonight, and I wasn’t fooled for a minute. You all, everybody… )

And besides, Peter can fly, so what does it matter if he falls out of an airplane? Take that, John Locke.

Top 5 Moving Pictures of 2008

To round out the year, many of the blogs that I read are doing their year in summary posts these days. I thought I’d follow suit. I’ve compiled several lists of my favorite things from 2008. I think that it will provide a welcome relief from other recent subjects.

This first list is rather broad. I’m counting anything that I watched, on a big or small screen, for the first time in 2008. And basically, it’s just the 5 things that stand out in my mind. I probably forgot more than I remembered.

Here goes:

5- Strangers on a Train –

I had people over to watch this classic Hitchcock film, after asking Brian of Brian Presents fame for some recommendation to spice up my Netflix queue. The Carousel scene haunts me to this day.

4- Sherlock Jr

Another Brian Presents entry. This was my initiation into the world of silent films. I laughed, I cried.

Here’s the Chase Scene from the end (Be warned, it’s long, but well well worth the time to watch it.)

3- Iron Man

Iron Man proved a point to me. Don’t always believe the critics. I had heard a scathing review on my way home from work, and had no intention of seeing it. Fortunately, somehow I managed to stumble across the Rotten Tomato index for the movie. It was a stunning 93% fresh. Apparently, the poor review that I’d heard on NPR was the only bad review. It was a fun fresh movie.

2- Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

I’ve already talked this one up. It was so clever and witty that it inspired me to dress as Dr. Horrible for Halloween. If you still haven’t seen it, check it out at

1- The Constant, LOST season 4, Epsiode 5.

Hands down the best episode of LOST, ever. EVER. I don’t even know where to begin. The whole Desmond / Penny plotline is one of the most wrenching, raw, real emotion parts of the show, and the story, the directing, and the acting all came together in one beautiful episode. If the rest of the show fizzles out (highly unlikely), The Constant will have made the whole series worth it to me.

I’m not one to cry, but of all of the shows I saw this year, this one brought me the closest to tears.

You have to be well grounded in Lost lore to really understand this episode, so I won’t put a clip. If you aren’t, you should be. I think is still streaming all of the episode from all of the seasons. Go! Now!

And a bonus:
Show I most like to complain about:

Heroes Season 3. The plot is rambling all over the place. Foreshadowings are ignored, characters are taken down inconsistent paths. I watch, and I hope they tie a nice bow on it, but it doesn’t happen. What happened to Heroes, Season 1? That was awesome.

So there you go. My top 5 Moving Pictures for 2008. What are yours?