Grant Me Sanctuary

Grant Me Sanctuary

Beneath the grim exterior
Under the erst facade
Xanadu! Xanadu! the hidden, the missing, the lost!
Kings and Queens no longer
Tho’ my sanctuary has disappeared
Pater Zeus can see its repose
Kindly hear my cries–
Zeus, pater! Hera, mother!
Allow my tears their meaning

Precious time has passed away
Since walls began to fall
Persephone’s muted cries fill my broken heart
In retrospect, the pomegranate was not sweet at all
Summer sun and winter chill
Damning seeds, forbidden fruit, widens the gulf…
Xanadu, no longer, thy walls I cannot see.

Spring was here. The world rejoiced.
September’s setting sun brought Demeter’s stinging tears
Alone once more, both she and I,
Find even the nectar, sweet nectar of the gods, bitter.
Vinegar and gall, Ambrosia without taste
Vinegar and gall do not bring solace

Sanctuary, Xanadu, so very far away

Just over that high mountain…
Toward the brightest star…

Orpheus, with enchanting song, was given one last chance
Just don’t look back, Just follow me,
‘Til lost again is found
Music almost won her passage home,
Lost one more for looking back

Apollo, who sees it all, from your chariot on high
Help me find my missing walls, the lonely Xanadu
Lead me back to my abandoned gem
Guide my feet, O great Apollo
Forsake not the lost and vanished peacefulness!

Do not leave my soul melancholic,
Naked, exposed to the morning’s innuendo.
Discover the place, O mighty gods, to my view.

— Brady Emmett – October 2005

I remembered this poem a few weeks back and wanted to make sure I don’t lose it, so I am including it here on my blog. Because blogs are forever. Right?  I originally wrote it for a contest on the puzzle solving website  There are mysteries here. 😀