Arts and Crafts

Last week was kind of arts and craftsy for me.  That makes me very happy, which isn’t too surprising. I do love creating.

Here are some of things I did.

#1 – Paper Marbling
A while back, I kind of got obsessed with paper marbling. I’m not even sure why. I probably saw a video on Youtube or something. It just looks like a lot of fun, and really cool.  So for my birthday(ish), I ordered a paper marbling kit.  I invited Katherine and Elizabeth, my two favorite artists and crafters, to come experiment and learn with me.

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Basically, what you are doing is floating paint on the surface of a thick gelatin like substance.  You then comb it and mix it around until it looks pretty. There are a ton of traditional patterns, and we had fun experimenting with them, and adding our own little flairs to them.

I’m kind of really excited about it. Even though you can see the pattern that you are making, when you print the paper, it is so much cooler.  The reveal had us gasping every time.

I am dreaming of marbling a bow tie at some point.

#2 – Art Assignment

There’s a channel on Youtube, presented by PBS Digital Media, called The Art Assignment.  Every week or so, they post an interview with an artist who discusses some aspect of their work, and then gives the audience an assignment of a piece of art to make.

Last week, the artist was Jan Tichey. The assignment he gave was called Expanded Moments. The idea was to expand on the concept of a photograph, which captures a single moment, into an expanded moment by framing up a shot like a photo, and capturing video instead of a single frame.

I was contemplating the assignment while I was washing dishes and looking out the window at my back garden.  I noticed the subtle movements of the wind, the birds in the field behind the house, the whipping garden sign.  I thought about how with traditional photography, it is hard to capture the wind, so I set up my camera and went inside (It was cold, and I wanted to see what would happen when I wasn’t there). This is the result.

#3 – The Toldeo Museum of Art

Last Friday, I had the day off, and I wanted to do something interesting. I decided that the Toledo Museum of Art looked pretty cool, and I hadn’t been down to Toledo lately, so I packed up and drove south.

The TMA is pretty cool. They have a large collection of glass works, which I absolutely loved. They also have a lot of really great impressionist works, and their modern collection is nice too. I only took one photo while I was there: This is a gravy boat.  Can you imagine dinnertime with this?IMG_0915


#4 – Craft Night

On Sunday night, Megan invited me over to watch Austenland and craft. I worked on my star quilt for  a bit. It was fun, and the movie was fun and cheesey. and I’m glad I finally saw it.

What kind of cool crafts have you been up to lately?