Things that are making me happy right now

I thought I’d take a few moments to just list out some of the things that are making me happy these days.

1) My favorite blueberry farm opened up temporarily after having announced that the polar vortex cold of winter had damaged their crop. I picked my fill.

2) + Bluetooth is allowing me to listen to books with reckless abandon.

3) My flowers are absolutely gorgeous. The gladiolas are blooming right now.

4) Ginger beer. Mmmm….

5) I was approved to give a TED style talk at the Affirmation conference. I’m going to apply the Start with Why principles to living an authentic life as an LGBT Mormon.

6) The 2014 Emmett Family Reunion went off without significant hitches.

7) This video from the reunion. (I love the soundtrack!)

8) Also, this video: (I feel like the soundtrack is perfect on this one too!)

9) The flavor of sun warmed cherry tomatoes.

10) The Ann Arbor District Library Summer Game. This library is awesome, and I have a good time playing along every summer.

11) My Primary class.

12) My new dehydrator, blender, and ice cream maker.  Funny how the right tool at the right time can improve your life so much.

I think things are going fairly well right now, but it always helps to stop and count the little things. What is making you happy?

Happy August!


7 thoughts on “Things that are making me happy right now”

  1. 1. My 2 little nurslings.
    2. A new school year.
    3. A sweet sleeping baby.
    4. Toddler talk.
    5. Tickets to the Wyoming/Michigan State game. 🙂

    1. Brian- Here are some options:
      You could come in person to the conference in SLC on Sept 13, but I think it is $30 for just Saturday morning, which is a little spendy for a 10 minute talk (although the rest of the TED talks should be interesting too).
      They may stream it. They streamed portions of the conference last year.
      They will probably film it and put it on Youtube after the conference.
      If they don’t film it, I will probably film it afterwards and put it on Youtube.

  2. I too, got a bluetooth (and an iphone) this year and am loving being able to have things streaming in my ear at my whim.
    I too, would LOVE a digital option to be able to hear your Affirmation Talk!!
    And a couple other things that are making me super happy these days is listening to 1) podcasts from Brendan Burchard while I clean & 2) meditation & relaxation audios I have been listening to daily!!!
    Also, this has been such an insane summer for us that it truly, genuinely, making me so so happy that this summer is almost over! Fall is my favorite season & I am beyond excited for its arrival!
    Love you, miss you & thanks so much for posting this!!!

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