Phoning it in

I am sitting on an eep! day on and if I don’t publish something on my blog, I owe them $5.  I also went to the dentist today and my face is swollen and all I want to do is lie on the couch and watch Frozen, and because of the stupid Target data breach, I can’t even do that. (Chase cancelled my card, and I failed to update my preorder with my new card, so I won’t get it until tomorrow.)

So I’m phoning it in.  Sure it barely counts, but whatever. Here’s a phoned in blog post.

I was going to write about good customer service experiences that I’ve recently had.  Guess that’s for next time, and maybe this will teach me to get a little ahead of my Beeminder.


February Recap

February is usually the longest month for me.  I usually suffer my annual breakdown in February where I am deeply and desperately despairing for spring and light and meaning and love.

This year, I don’t feel like I had that breakdown. I’m very happy about that.  I think it is mostly due to some pharmaceutical interventions, which I will take, but I also think that I am in a healthier place over all.

I checked my diary just now. Yeah, you heard me. It is a daily record book, which is what diary means. And I have a very manly leather cover, so stuff it. Men write diaries. Shut up.

In February, I whined a lot about the weather. To be fair, Detroit has ranked #1 in the Winter Misery Index this year.  So I feel totally justified.

I taught the lesson in my Primary class a few times. (So glad for co-teachers). I’m still a little unsure of my footing there. I figure no one has burst into tears yet, and they are mostly listening and occasionally expressing insights (and begging for treats at every possible opportunity), so that’s a good thing.  Plus I like Sharing Time a whole lot more than I like EQ.

I started a meal planning service this month. I love to cook, but I’m terrible at planning, so I’m constantly buying food that gets thrown away. But with this service, I get a weekly recipe list with shopping list.  Since I know how to cook, it’s not a big deal, and I know how to substitute things in and out.  I’m also trying to be mostly vegetarian at home, so it is helpful to have someone else take the pain out of trying to figure out what that actually means.  I have found that making 4 to 5 of the meals each week on their 1-2 person plan gives me enough for both dinners and leftovers for lunches, and the variety is pretty awesome.  I also like that I can try other meal plans if I want to switch things up. (I’ve been wanting to try paleo, for example.) The service is eMeals, and if you want to try it out, this is my referral link. I have learned that there are lots of discounts and also that there is a Groupon or LivingSocial deal fairly regularly, so you can get a year for incredibly cheap if you try.

I also fixed a leaky toilet this month. I felt very much like a successful home owner when I took the thing apart and put it back together with a new seal.  It only leaked a little at first and that was nothing that a little tightening of the nuts and bolts couldn’t fix.

My favorite creation of the month was a chocolate bread pudding made with Chocolate Cherry Bread from Zingerman’s. It was very rich and decadent.  I based my recipe on this one from Serious Eats.  Substitute in any chocolate bread, but especially a chocolate bread from the Zing, and you are golden.

Other goals are coming along well.  I finally started making some progress on my star quilt when I got a quilting hoop in. I have figured out the running / hand quilting stitch and I’m getting good at it. The number of times that I had go to Joanne’s to get one more thing is amazing.  (Also learned that they will accept coupons from your phone, so always google Joanne’s coupons while you are standing in line.)

Also, got the second edition of Say Hey, Doctor K edited and uploaded.  Have you seen them yet? They are really fun, and I’m learning a lot about editing and video production. I think I made Doctor K a little nervous with how long it took me to get started this month, but we got there in the end.  Here’s one of them: you should subscribe!

That’s the highlights of my February. Hope yours was great.