Winter Fun Facts

Ann Arbor is presently the 7th Snowiest city in the US, with 74 inches total snowfall this season (including this morning’s storm).

I have shoveled my driveway and walk 11 times since January 1st, an average of 1x every 4 days.  The longest that I have gone without shoveling was 19 days between the 5th and 24th of January (I was out of town for 5 days in that period, and I think Rob picked up a time or two).  I shoveled 4 days in a row from Jan 24 to Jan 27.

It takes between 30 and 45 minutes to shovel. This morning, I took approximately 2300 steps while shoveling.

The snowbanks at the end of my driveway are nearly 5 feet tall.  I could hide at least 11 of my 13 nieces and nephews in them. The oldest two might be able to peek out the top.

I have gotten stuck in said snowbanks backing out of my driveway twice.  At least two other people have had to be rescued from said snowbanks.

My longest commute involved at least an hour and a half of driving after getting stuck in the snowbank for half an hour.  It felt like half of that was in downtown Dearborn, just a few miles from the office.

I have a raised bed garden space in the back yard.  I can’t see it.  There are at least two steps from my back door to the patio. I also can’t see them.

Days since I saw Frozen: 52.
Days since I downloaded the Frozen soundtrack: 28
Days since I preordered Frozen: 12
Days until I receive Frozen: 28
Number of times I’ve made a joke to myself about Disney turning down the Viral Marketing campaign already: approximately 100