2014 Resolutions

I’ve been putting this off.   Here goes, it is largely based on last years goals:

[ ] Create more

[ ] Constellation Quilt
[ ] Say Hey Doctor K video collab 1x/month
[ ] Blog 2x/month
[ ] Daily Diary

[ ] Be kinder

[ ] Be more active

[ ] Symbolic Bike Riding Goal (tbd)
[ ] More steps than 2013
[ ] Do more yoga

[ ] Cook more

[ ] Plan meals
[ ] More Vegetarian Meals

[ ] Spend out
[ ] Plan better

[ ] Plant a garden

[ ] Eat what I grow

[ ] Be ok
[ ] Be braver
[ ] Be a good Primary teacher
[ ] Deliberate practices – 1000 paper cranes
[ ] Host more dinners
[ ] Invest in relationships
[ ] Take a class
[ ] Do things I’m not good at

Update 2/28 – Finally figured out what I want my 2014 Theme to be: Engage

6 thoughts on “2014 Resolutions”

  1. You are a Primary teacher?! That made me so happy to read. I’m in the Primary presidency here and have become a huge advocate for having deep talent in Primary. I don’t know how old your kids are, but Jonah is now in Primary and I’ll tell you that based on what he says and does at home, he’s picking up a lot more at Primary than you’d ever suspect just by seeing him at church. 🙂

    1. Yeah, just moved over to the 2nd ward, and got called to teach the 9yr old class. I’ve only taught one class so far, and the only thing I learned is to roll with the punches. 😉 I’m hoping for good things.

  2. I bet you’re going to be a great primary teacher. I know I’ve always admired your faith and spirit, so hopefully the kids will too.

    I would be excited to see pics of the constellation quilt.

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