Adventures in Homeownership, pt. 1

Last Saturday, I spent part of my afternoon inspecting my sprinkler system, trying to figure out how it works and how to best calibrate it so it stops watering my patio and instead spends time watering the grass.  While I was checking the spray patterns of several of the heads, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.

A little hummingbird with a green throat was playing in my sprinklers!  She would hover for a few seconds watching where the spray was moving, and then dart in and dart back out.  She’d watch the spray again and jump in and out as it moved.

I watched, wishing I hadn’t left my cellphone inside, but knowing I wouldn’t have been able to get a shot anyway.  Then the sprinklers stopped and she darted for the mums I have growing on the patio and was gone.

Or so I thought…

I went back inside to turn on a different section of the sprinklers, and when I came back, she was back at it!  She jumped in and out a few more times, and I called to a friend to come take a look.  I must have scared her away because I didn’t see her again.

I didn’t even know we got hummingbirds in Michigan!