Being Tagged.

Kristin tagged me, and it’s been a long while since I’ve blogged anything substantial.  So, I figured why not. Let’s blog this thing.  I also figure the rules say I have to tag 11 people, but if you don’t feel like being tagged, you can just say “Not it” and not be tagged.  But I am sending links your way.


1. Post these rules
2. Post 11 random things about yourself
3. Answer the questions provided by the one who tagged you
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag
5. Tag 11 people

The Random Things

1. While I was on a walk the other day, I found my grocery list from the week before in a puddle half a mile from home.  I have some ideas how it got there, but to be honest, I thought it was still in my car.

2. I am considering taking a short term leave of absence from work to hike the Appalachian Trail.  Or the Mormon Trail. But not until next summer. I have to get in hiking shape again first.

3. I have a scale and a pedometer that talk to the internet. I’m a nerd.

4. I am taken with Tumblr of late. If you want a semi-regular stream of Doctor Who and Sherlock GIFS in your life, you should follow me:

5. I am always surprised when people are surprise when I say I don’t know how many board games I own.  It’s a complicated question, alright?  I’m pretty sure that it is more than 20 and less than 50, but I haven’t done a census recently.  And do you count multiple versions of the same game as one? And what about expansions?

6. My first major in my undergrad was Molecular Biology.  My second was Secondary Education – English.  I settled on Finance as a compromise.

7. I am mildly paranoid about not hearing tornado sirens, which consequently makes me hear tornado sirens everywhere.

8. I have to severely curtail my tendency to collect things. If given the opportunity, I would still own everything I have ever owned.  I am afraid of becoming a hoarder.

9. My celebrity crush is Felicia Day.  Mmmm… So Dreamy…

10. I sometimes don’t like annoying party me.  Sometimes I like annoying party me.  It gets confusing.

11. The other day at work, I was watching this video (featuring the aforementioned dreamy Felicia Day) when one of the guys who works for me came by to ask a question. (In my defense, it was a slow day) I missed the minimize button, so the video continued behind my head while he asked the question.  Even though Ms. Day was shaking her booty, he didn’t say a word.  Awkward.


Kristin’s Questions for me:
1.  Describe your morning ritual. What do you do when you wake up?
Stagger into the bathroom, Shower, Shave, Hair, Choose what I’m wearing to work, leave bedroom, check phone for overnight messages, check email, get breakfast, read emails and blogs, and leave for work a few minutes late.  If I’m doing good, I also pack a lunch.
2.  What is your least favorite food? (if applicable)
I draw the line at organ meats.  Offal is not for me.
3.  What was the last book you read?
Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson.  I also finished No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy on audiobook at approximately the same time.
4.  What is your biggest dream in life?
To travel to Mars.  Or you know, discover a Portal gun.  Or actually write my own book.
5.  What disney character do you most closely identify with?
6.  If you were on a deserted island, what one item would you take with you? (essentials provided)
I’m not sure how many of the essentials you mean, but if a pocket knife isn’t included, that, but if it is, probably a deck of playing cards.
7.  What is your guilty pleasure?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
8.  What is one of the earliest things in your life you remember?
Getting stung by a bee in the playground of an Army base in Germany
9.  What is something you just can’t stand?
People who refuse to consider ideas outside of their world view.  
10.  What is your least favorite word? (Swear words don’t count)
Free. It sounds so cheap.  I prefer Complimentary.
11.  If you have kids (or want to have them), what is the one thing you hope above all else you teach them?
To be decent humans, to be kind and thoughtful to everyone, to consider other people’s worldviews, and to love unconditionally.
New Questions:
1. Do you enforce a bedtime for yourself? What tricks do you use?
2. Which do you prefer and why: Hummus or Baba ganoush?
3. If money were no object, where would you travel in the world?
4. What was the last book you finished?
5. What is the seed for your favorite Pandora station?
6. Why is Ford superior to Chevy?
7. What is one of your pet peeves?
8. What’s the nerdiest thing about you?
9. Doctor Who or Sherlock? Discuss.
10. Why did you choose to respond to this tag?
11. When people ask you to name a favorite anything, is it easy or hard for you? Why?
11 people to tag
PS. If anyone is keeping score, I chose The Road by Cormac McCarthy for SpecFic last month.  It was a good choice.  We ate canned peaches and pears for the treat.