Christmas Ideas

This post is mostly meant for my family.  It’s a way for me to effectively communicate what I would like for Christmas.  Generally, I am listing these in higher priority first order.  These are ideas and don’t really construe a wish list as such.  Nor is it comprehensive.  Some of my favorite gifts have been the things that I least expect, that I didn’t know that I wanted… like my cast iron skillet or 30 pounds of potatoes.

(Intangible) Things I want and need:

– A deeper relationship with my siblings, particularly my brothers.
– An occasional phone call from one of the above
– Someone to pick me a dentist and schedule me an appointment
– Encouragement (and help) planning and shopping for meals in advance
– Decluttering help and encouragement
– Some time to think  and encouragement to ask and answer the hard questions
– Insight into and practice to become a better friend

(Tangible) Things that I want and need:

– An Ultrasonic Humidifier
– Manly Thank You Notes  (Too many are feminine or wedding TY notes. Not what I need!)
– A Knife Sharpener
– Good Steak knives, and maybe an extra paring knife or two
– A storage solution for my Dominion collection
– Oneida Community Twin Star Serving Pieces (Esp. the Pie Server and Pierced Serving Spoon)
– A Green Tie
– Pocket Squares with Yellow, Orange, Red, or Green accents

Things that I want but probably don’t need:

– Argyle Socks
– Argyle Sweaters
– German Style Games that I don’t already own (ask if you want to know) (I’ve had my eye on Small World and Incan Gold)
– David Allen’s books: Getting Things Done and Making It All Work
– Gretchen Rubin’s book: The Happiness Project
– A Cast Iron Dutch Oven (Kitchen Style, not Campfire style)
– An Immersion Blender
– A Rice Cooker Cookbook, like The Pot and How to Use It
– Dr. Who trinkets


What do you want for Christmas?

14 thoughts on “Christmas Ideas”

  1. I just played Small World over break! I was going to tell you should play it if you hadn’t. Definitely fun. Incan Gold is fun too, a more simple game, so it probably works better with random groups of people getting together for a game night.

    1. Mike, that makes me totally jealous. I want to play Small World a lot, but haven’t brought myself to buy it yet. I’ve been busy completing my Dominion collection instead.

  2. I love your list! I wish I could tell you mine but I haven’t really thought it out much. I hope you get every single thing on your list. May I suggest a visit to a mall Santa? That should seal the deal.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. You should think through it. This is how I spent my lunch break. What do you want most of all for Christmas?

  3. If you’re looking for a good cookbook, “Barbecue, Biscuits, & Beans” by Cliff Teinert & Bill Cauble will totally rock your world. I’ve cooked many many recipes from it and they’re all really good. I like the pie recipe, green chile sauce, red chile sauce, poblano & red pepper enchiladas, etc etc. Oh, and I got a good crumb topping recipe from the cookbook as well. And the pictures inside it will totally make you look at other cookbooks as obsolete. Cookbooks are meant to have pictures! Yeah- I really love this cookbook. If you get it, you’ll totally know what I mean. If you lived closer, I’d let you borrow mine. But you’d have to give it back.

  4. This is the most thought out Christmas list I’ve ever seen. I think it would be a good in-class writing assignment for my seventh graders. (I would probably get you argyle socks, but maybe now I’ll make you a manly Thank You card. If you feel like practicing being a good friend, I think you should give me a five minute call 😉

    1. Thanks Melanie! I was thinking of adding another section “Things that I need but don’t want” but I figured that might be a little overboard. If I were assigning it as a writing assignment however…

  5. I could really use someone to schedule me an appointment with the dentist. My brother even hand-delivered a dentist recommendation to me, and it’s two blocks from my house, and I have good dental insurance, and a flexible work schedule, and I still haven’t made that appointment…

    My mom used to ask for Christmas lists every year and for some reason I always found it very stressful to write one. I’m not sure why. I really like the intangibles section of your list, though. It made me think a lot about what my intangibles would be, besides the dentist thing :).

    1. For me this year, the Intangibles section is actually the part that is most important to me. But it’s also the hardest…

      Good luck with the Dentist!

  6. I’m glad you shared! It makes me think of things I should be asking for (and wondering even more what Aaron is getting me….) What’s your address by the way? We may actually be doing Christmas cards this year.

    1. Thanks Cass. Aaron is awesome, so he’ll probably out-do your best guesses. I’ll send you my address by email.

  7. So… are you willing to travel for that Dentist apt. I could get you one when I schedule mine. I have cavities that need filling… can you tell why I haven’t made the apt yet.

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