Last Minute Pumpkin

I didn’t think that I was going to squeeze a pumpkin carving into my festivities this Halloween, but thanks to a timely FHE activity, I got one carved just in the nick of time.  I tried lighting it up, but the pumpkin is really really thick.  I need to work the walls down a little bit before the effect really works.

So, in all, I managed to work in The Haunting, Chicken Shish Tawook, Count Chocula, a Cider Mill (and the resulting cider!), coloring, Catching Fire, Dominion: Seaside, refusing to dance, blue hairspray, “For All the Saints”, The Lord of all Catan, pork roast, butterfinger brownies, and pumpkin carving into my birthday weekend.  That’s pretty good, right?  What did you do?


3 thoughts on “Last Minute Pumpkin”

  1. With a few minor substitutions (The Changeling instead of The Haunting, Boo Berry Rice Krispy treats instead of Count Chocula, watching people finish carving their pumpkins instead of pumpkin carving, and, you know, losing graciously to the new Lord of All Catan) my weekend looks remarkably similar.

  2. Yeah, Amy, Brady, that’s why you two aren’t getting stick charts. I was definitely Halloween-ed out this weekend with the school carnival and some minor stomach issues. I was a pirate. I also moved my books out onto the bookshelf 🙂 I apparently forgot to wish one of my favorite friends a happy birthday. No wait! It’s still October 31 there! Wahoo!

  3. Selecting kids’ costumes (with their input), baby-sitting, grocery shopping, picking up pumpkins, kids’ school fall festival, soccer game, carving pumpkins, ward trunk-or-treat, church (first rehearsal for the primary program), trick-or-treating, and catching up on last weeks’ survivor.

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