My little garden

I figure if Jessica can blog about her garden, so can I.

Last summer I grew some basil on my patio.  I get only a little bit of afternoon sun, so most anything I’d like to grow (like tomatoes) just won’t work.  Today, I finally got down to Coleman’s and got some more basil for this year.  They always have so many varieties that I have a hard time choosing.  Last year it was Lime Basil.  This time I’ve got African Blue Basil.  Should be delicious!

On the advice of my mom, I also picked up some Fuscia.  They are shady loving, so they should do good.  They’re the red ones below.  While I was getting some potting soil and pots, I decided to get some white impatiens as well.

I still have a bunch of potting soil, so I might need to go back and pick up some more plants.  Anyone have any ideas of what I should get?