Recently, Google decided not to continue support for the method which I use to publish my blog to bradyemmett.info. I had a few choices as to which direction I could go, and decided that I really really liked publishing to this domain and not to a random blogspot location.   Call it vanity.

Anyhow, I’ve updated to a WordPress blog. I’ve managed to import most of my posts and (sadly, only a part of) the comments from the last few years.  I’m hoping for minimal disturbances.

I still have some updates to make to make my blog pretty.  But that’s not difficult.  And then maybe I should add a post or two of my recent doings.  All in good time.

I do have a favor to ask, Dear Readers.

I’m not sure that my feeds are working correctly.  Can you leave a comment to let me know how you get to my blog normally (GReader, website search, link, bookmark, etc) and if that method is still working for you?


12 thoughts on “Migration”

  1. This post showed up in google reader just fine. (Along with a random portion of the back posts you’ve imported.)

  2. Oops, I’m a dork–sorry about the double comment. In my defense, I haven’t slept in approximately 40 hours.

  3. I use blogger dashboard and it showed up like normal. I was confused as to why more than the newest post showed up and then figured it out when I read the first one.

  4. Hi Brady. way to update finally. i use g.reader, and it’s working fine, but reloaded your last 8 or so blog entries that i had already read. other than that, no trouble.

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