My Latest Borders Discovery

Get a load of these two books I saw at Borders last night. Wurthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice, except they’re all dressed up with Graphic Novel covers. They caught my eye, but they didn’t get me to purchase. I’m guessing I’m not quite the target audience… There was a third one running around close by, but now I don’t remember which classic it was (Jane Eyre, maybe?)

What do you think? Would you have been tempted to read the book based on these new covers?

6 thoughts on “My Latest Borders Discovery”

  1. Ha- I liked the "50% off" stickers on them. To me it doesn't look like they're selling well. I personally wouldn't buy them.

  2. You know, over here in Japan they spiced up the Twilight series with graphic novel-esque covers… still the same book. I could see why they did it, with their target audience often reading manga, but it didn't work out too well.
    And those covers are quite awful. Don't mess with the classics

  3. I would, however, be interested in reading graphic novel versions of these stories. And, if I felt the need to own these books (Wuthering Heights was a mistake, Pride and Prejudice was for class), I would prefer these covers.

  4. Well, the covers alone wouldn't be enough to entice me if I weren't interested already, but they are pretty cool. I love quirky editions of books–thanks for the heads up.

  5. I love Wuthering Heights but I doubt I'd want to buy it with that cover. The cover is kind of cool but doesn't reflect the content. It's kind of juvenile.

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