Shiny New Laptop

I finally caved. I’ve been in the market for a new laptop since Christmas, when I realized that I truly and really hated my laptop. Tonight, I found what I was looking for, and bit the bullet. So, you and me, kid… we’re on the outs.

I bought my original laptop just days before I moved to Michigan. I needed someway to stay in touch while I organized my new life, until my desktop made it out with the moving crew. I think my decision was rushed, and I also didn’t really know what I was looking for. It turns out that it was a workable computer, except for its hatred of me.

This is me, and my laptop. We don’t have a healthy relationship
(Actually, it’s just an artist’s depiction of me and my laptop. I don’t have any cool red walls to take pictures against.)
Many of you have probably heard me complain about how I can barely stream video, and how I can’t listen to music. My iTunes collection has really languished because of that, and anytime any of you post video on your blog (I’m talking about you, Brian.), I have to watch it at work, while pretending like I’m busy.
I tried everything in the book to upgrade it. I went through three virus checkers, trying to find the one with the lowest memory footprint. I upgraded the RAM. I hacked away at any startup process that seemed unneccesary. I subjected it to the cunning know-how of my brother-in-law. And all to no avail. It still hates me.
After I installed Vista on my desktop, and rendered it useless in the process, I had nowhere else to turn. I had to rely on my laptop. But it turned its cold hard heart elsewhere, and now it’s come time to part ways. It’s been flirting with the dread BSOD lately, so I knew what I had to do. Break up with it before it breaks up with me.
I should probably be careful where I type right now, as my new laptop won’t ship for another week or two. But as soon as my new one gets here, Lappy386, we are done. Done for good.