A great idea for a new TV show

Here’s an idea. Take a whole bunch of people with superpowers. Put them in an airplane. Make that airplane crash inadvertently on an island in the middle of nowhere. Have a smoke monster, except maybe the smoke monster is actually a person with super powers that got out of control. Throw one of the main character’s fathers on board. They find a hatch, after being chased by tropical polar bears. It turns out that at least one of the people is a fugitive.

One of the super heroes can have a “special someone” off the island who has the resources and the implanted GPS-ness to find them on the island. There should also be at least one fake corporation funding all of this, preferably from Asia. For extra measure, add back a character that everyone is convinced is dead, except he has good hair and daddy issues. He’s not on the island, but he’s supposed to be, and bad things will happen to some of the people on the list if he doesn’t start cooperating.

Seriously, if someone on Heroes starts playing backgammon next week, I think I’ll cry. (Note to the Heroes producers: You have only a few weeks to convince me that you know what you’re doing. And honestly, a crossover isn’t going to fool us, so if Jack Shepherd shows up… I’m out. After all, Charlie was a rock star on Chuck tonight, and I wasn’t fooled for a minute. You all, everybody… )

And besides, Peter can fly, so what does it matter if he falls out of an airplane? Take that, John Locke.