Things you shouldn’t mention around a Lostie

Don’t say you haven’t been warned. Because that’s what I’m doing right here, warning you.

LOST starts next week. And no, they haven’t figured out what that thing in the trees is yet. (That’s the question almost every non-Lostie asks me when they find out that I watch the show. It’s seems like everyone in the world has seen the pilot episode, but the only thing they are curious about is the smoke monster.) Also, yes, they are still lost. Although some of them are lost in a different way than the others.

So now you know. You may want to avoid the water cooler, or any gathering of more than two people, on Thursday mornings for the next 16 weeks or so. We Losties do try to spare you unwashed masses the agony of our discussions, but sometimes, you do bring it on yourselves, you know.

How? By saying a Lost trigger word in our presence. It’s ok if there is only one of us, but in crowds as small as two people, a trigger word will force us to discuss Lost. We are sorry, but we can’t help it.

So I have benevolently compiled a list of trigger words. For your own safety, never ever utter one of these triggers around us. (Many thanks to Katherine who contributed some trigger words to this list, and to Elizabeth, who beat me to the punch for this post. By like two weeks.)

– The Numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42). Especially in combination. Also avoid 108.
– Wild Boars
– Black Rocks
– Black Smoke
– Pacific Islands
– Lists (especially of names, especially if tell someone that they are or are not on the list)
– Good Person
– Walt
– Desmond
– Hatch
– Airplanes
– Airplane crashes
– Backgammon
– Korea
– Fiji
– Ranch Composite
– Others
– Polar Bears
– “Don’t tell me what I can’t do”
– Stations
– Electromagnetism
– Jacob

Ok, so there are many more triggers. These are the ones that I could come up with, while being significantly distracted by Lostpedia. Any of you Losties out there have any significant triggers that I missed?