It’s a wonderful Wii.

I thought I should jump on the bandwagon of posts about grandmothers. Actually, I just wanted to post a picture that I took today of my grandma playing the Wii. I brought my Wii home for Christmas, because I knew my family would enjoy playing it. I just had no idea how much.

Here’s Grandma playing the Wii. I think they got her to try Beach Vollyball and Bowling. She was doing pretty good with Bowling, but was having some problems getting the controls to cooperate. A pretty good sport, I thought.

My parents have been enjoying Boom Blox and some of the Wii Sports. My mother managed to beat us all at Golf on her first go.

And then there’s my nephews. I spent a few days visiting them, and they really had fun with playing the Wii too. I wasn’t sure if they were sad because I was leaving or because I was taking my Wii with me. I think probably both.

I think that it is pretty awesome that my Wii has now been played by four generations of my family. I’d say this birthday present to myself was well worth it!