How I voted

I know that I will be judged deficient for what I am about to post. I’ve already had two negative reactions when I told someone how I voted today. I’ve been pretty open about my indecision, and I feel that it would be cheating to not reveal how I actually voted. Please don’t call me stupid for my opinion. I respect yours.

Let me say that I did put a lot of thought and effort into this, although I think I could have probably done more. I honestly believe that both candidates are good men, good leaders, and both would lead the country in positive, albeit distinctly different, directions.

I ended up voting for John McCain.

The principal reasons I voted for McCain:

1- I believe that raising taxes on business is not the way to create jobs. I work for a company that would likely be penalized by Obama’s plan, not only not creating jobs, but putting my job in danger.

2- I know and understand McCain’s voting record over a long series of years. I tried to look up Obama’s record and found a whole bunch of Did not Votes. I used to compare records and special interest group ratings.

3- McCain and Palin are both western leaders, and understand the issues of the West. For me, that is important even though I am technically a Midwesterner right now.

I used a few different “Select a Candidate” style online quizes, but the one I trust the most, from American Public Media, gave both candidates a tied score. I guess that makes me truly middle of the road.

The opinion that finally tipped the scale was actually one that I trust quite a bit, and you’ll laugh when I say it: Orson Scott Card, one of my favorite sci-fi authors. Honestly, he’s kind of out there sometimes, and I can’t really explain why, but this article and this article were the last two that I read before I made my decision. Don’t think that I can’t see through the (clearly heavy handed) rhetoric in them, because I can. They helped me clarify my position on what was important to me.

I honestly think that Obama will likely win the election (As I write this, NPR has it 200 to 76 – favoring Obama), and I am really ok with it. I think this country needs to move beyond partisanship, demonizing the other side, the side that you don’t agree with as “evil,” “stupid,” and “just plain wrong.” A house divided against itself can never stand. I think both candidates are capable of truly building a great nation. (It’s now 200 to 90 – favoring Obama.)

God Bless America!