Sidebar stuff

Ok, so this is the lame post where I tell you what I’ve been doing with my blog template.

I’ve been jiggering with my sidebar. Since my blog isn’t actually hosted on Blogger, I can’t do all of the cool and easy template changes, like adding a widget. I have to actually edit the code of my template. It’s not hard, since most of the time, I can just steal the code from somewhere else, but it’s knowing what to do with it that’s the trouble.

The first thing I added was my shared items. Sometimes, I’ll be reading something somewhere, and I’ll just want to share it with you, but not say anything about it. I like it, and I think that you, dear reader, might like it too. But not enough for me to say anything about it. Right now, there’s an anti-High Fructose Corn Syrup thing, a really cool video of dominoes made of dominoes, and a cross post from a friends blog about Mormon dating, so you can see it’s pretty eclectic, and not about food most of the time. So if you’re reading this on my actual website, go ahead and take a look to see what I’m reading and thinking about these days.

I also added my Twitter feed. It’s like the Facebook status updates, except more frequent and less other information like photos and wall posts and applications. I’ve got it set to show my most recent three updates, so you can see how my day/week progresses. It’s like microblogging. I’m not satisfied with how it looks right now, so it might move around a little bit until I get it right. If you want to friend me on Twitter, my username is brady32. I read this really interesting article about the whole Twitter/Facebook/Microblogging thing. It’s worth a read in this brave new world in which we live.

Finally, I also added a map and list that shows where people are reading me. You’re stalking me, and now I’m stalking you back. Take that, blog stalkers. 😉 Now if I could only figure out who in Connecticut is reading my blog.