Why are you voting for Obama?

Ok, so I’m a news junkie. I’ll admit it. I love news, because it tells me something about how the world works, and how people react to it. Right now, the news is unfortunately all politics all the time. So what do you think I spend my time thinking about.

As you know, I’m trying to give the current batch of candidates a fair chance for my vote, instead of relying on the party lines. I consider myself to be a moderate Republican leaning kind of guy (I think I’d call myself a Public Radio Republican). If you check my Facebook, you’ll see that at least over there, I support McCain. (I added that support at about the time that Mitt dropped out of the race. No way was I supporting Hucky.) I also know that some of the readers of my blog support Obama.

In the interest of gathering information, and not descending into politics, I’d like to ask the readers of my blog why they support Obama. Use the anonymous setting to leave a comment, please, as I don’t really want anyone to feel uncomfortable leaving their thoughts. If you support McCain and want to say something, just wait your turn… I’ll get to you… 😀

Also, I won’t be persuaded by “He isn’t Bush” or “He’s for change.” Give me something concrete to work with. 😉