Unread bookshelf

In the Woods
Walden / Civil Disobedience
The Fault in Our Stars
The Shadow of the Wind
The Art of Non-Conformity
How to Win Friends and Influence People
Unclutter Your Life in One Week
Naked Economics
Man’s Search for Meaning
Reaper Man
Stranger in a Strange Land
Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand
A Dance with Dragons
The Map of the Sky
World War Z
The Handmaid’s Tale
One for the Money
Towards Zero
Doctor Who and the Ribos Operation
I Am Not a Serial Killer
The Martian Chronicles
Moving Mars
Peace like a River
Iron John
Zero to Maker
The Big Switch
Machine of Death
Getting Things Done
Making It All Work
Crucial Conversations
Escape From Cubicle Nation
Daring Greatly
Old Man’s War
The God Who Weeps
Avogadro Corp.

Edit 2/28:
Leaders Eat Last
Words of Radiance
Why I Stay