Parisians Know Better Than to Buy Into These 7 Fall Trends



Fall trends come and go, but Paris fashion is always timeless. This got me wondering about what fall fashion "trends" French women might find worthy of buying into this year, or will quiet luxury be the end-all, be-all? Let's find out.

I decided to call up a friend and get all of the answers for you. Léna Farl has lived in Paris for her entire life and is quite an observant fashion person. She's witnessed the rise and fall of the cardigan obsession and everyone's heel heights. She shocked me by swearing that these seven fall trends simply aren't worth it—let's discuss.

Pause: Prarie Dresses
Wear: Little Black Dresses



"The classic little black dress is the staple you will find in every Parisienne wardrobe. It's an essential piece that transcends time and trends. With the ability to seamlessly transition from day to night, this is the ultimate piece for an elegant Parisian look."



"With back-to-school season upon us, having a big bag to carry all your essentials is a must! I'm currently obsessed with my Polène Cyme bag. I love its simple design and luxury finishes."

Pause: Crop Tops/Baby Tees
Wear: Oversize Shirts 

"This piece embodies the fusion of comfort and style, effortlessly blurring the line between borrowed-from-the-boys ease and a distinctly feminine allure with a sense of nonchalant elegance."



"Consider my affinity for a well-fitted pair of jeans as the foundation of my style identity. The high-rise, wide-leg cut is my ultimate preference, although I recognize the power of straight jeans, which seamlessly harmonize with a large spectrum of garments, from a simple white tee and sneakers to a more elaborate top paired with heels."

Pause: Sambas
Wear: Ballet Flats

"I just love the timeless allure of ballet flats and how it represents Parisian chic."

"I'm ditching the trendy jackets for a piece I'm wearing over and over, no matter the season! A timeless, versatile blazer will elevate any formal or casual looks."

Pause: Ditsy Florals
Wear: Leopard Print

"Well, you can actually still wear floral if you match it with leopard print! For me, leopard print is a neutral and a classic print to have in your closet. … I incorporate this vivacious print as an essential punctuation mark for my outfits, whether harmonizing with understated hues or combined with other playful patterns."