13 Easy Claw-Clip Hairstyles That Instantly Elevate Any Look

Claw clips are having a big moment. From Bella Hadid to Hailey Bieber, celebrities and supermodels have brought back the '90s accessory trend, and we're seeing it all over our feeds right now. This time around, it's giving less Claire's Accessories and more supermodel vibes. And we're seeing claw clip hairstyles all over our feeds right now.

It's perhaps unsurprising that the hair accessory has made such a big comeback. They look good on every hair texture and are a saving grace for when your hair just isn't behaving as it should, or if you're pushing your hair washday back. We've even spotted people applying a hair mask and twisting their hair up with a claw clip while it sinks in—chic and practical. 

There are so many claw-clip hairstyles to try. Why not take a look below for some claw-clip inspiration?

1. Half-Up, Half-Down

Claw clip hairstyles: @andreasteen



If you have a lot of hair, you might find that a claw clip won't hold all of your hair up, but you can still get in on the claw-clip fun. Try putting half your hair up and securing it with a smaller claw clip.

2. Claw Clip With Tendrils

If you've got face-framing layers, show them off by pulling a couple of strands free and curling them with a hair tong.

3. Sleek Claw-Clip Bun

Claw clip hairstyles: @lindseyholland_



A claw clip can look chic and polished. Use a hair serum to add gloss to this slick claw-clip updo.

4. Classic Claw-Clip Twist-Up

A classic claw-clip look—simply twist your hair around your index finger and secure it with a clip. Extra points for coordinating with your outfit.

5. Claw Clip With Coils

Textured hair looks incredible with a claw clip. Opt for a larger clip size to secure thick hair in place.

6. Side-Parted Claw-Clip Updo

Claw clip hairstyles: @nnennaechem



For a twist on the style, side-part your hair and secure it with a claw clip. We love this sweeping side fringe.

7. Mini Claw Clip

A smaller claw clip is ideal for securing smaller sections of hair like this half up, half down hairstyle.

8. Claw Clip With Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs looks amazing styled with a claw clip. Use a round hairbrush to dry the bangs and help keep their shape.

9. Claw Clip and Hair Mask

Much like the cool-girl Olaplex bun, make your claw clip style work even harder by applying a hair mask or oil through the lengths and securing it in place. Hair conditioning and styling? Double win. 

10. Claw Clip With Waves

claw clip hairstyles: @trecholopis



Add an undone wave into the hair before putting your claw clip in. Wait for curls to cool before brushing out for a polished and long-lasting finish. 

11. Messy Claw-Clip Bun

For bad hair days, a messy claw clip always looks intentional. 

12. Half-up Claw Clip Twist

Claw clip hairstyles: Half up @cassdimicco



Take half of your lengths up, twist and secure with a claw clip. Easy peasy for off-duty days.

13. Claw Clip Beach Bun

Claw clip hairstyles: claw clip bun  @cassdimicco



A claw clip is a must for your beach bag if you're headed on holiday to easily throw your hair up.

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