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Valentine’s Day

Every year, I think about getting those silly Valentine’s Day cards at the store and sending them to my siblings and nieces and nephews and friends.  Basically, I never get that taken care of.  Sometimes, I’ll even manage to buy the cards (usually Harry Potter) and then promptly not get anything done with them.

I was thinking about it this year, since I have addresses this time, but typically, I didn’t get it taken care of.  Fortunately, I saw a post on Lifehacker the other day, which gave me the perfect solution: Video Valentines.

On Saturday night, before I watched Star Wars: A New Hope, I recorded a set of videos on my phone (Droid Incredible, you are incredible!) and sent them to my family.  And it was great!  I actually got Valentines sent this year.

So, I decided to record one for you, Loyal Blog Readers.  I even busted out a red shirt for the occasion and set up some fancy shmancy frame on my webcam. 😀  (I thought about going with a heart, but it was too not manly. So you get the postcard)

I hope you like it.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Mashups Rock! It Feels Like Christmas x 4

I’m giving part of the Christmas sermon on Sunday and I’m considering quoting extensively from “It Feels Like Christmas” from The Muppet Christmas Carol. As part of my “research,” I was on YouTube trying to track down the exact lyrics I wanted to quote.

Of course I came up with the original video:


But I also came up with these fantastic mashups:

Hagrid as the Ghost of Christmas Present

The Doctor as the Ghost of Christmas Present

Aladdin’s Genie as the Ghost of Christmas Present:

I think that the Hagrid one is my favorite, but the use of the Master at the beginning of the Doctor Who was great.  Which do you like best?