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Things for which I am thankful

Being Thanksgiving, I thought I would compile a list of things for which I am thankful. Here goes (This list is by no means ranked. Watch out for stream of consciousness! )

– Genre Fiction
– Watching Heroes with friends
– The Internet
– Adorable nieces and nephews
– The Fall in Michigan
– Farmer John
– Hot Chocolate
– My 10 year old alarm clock
– The ability (and desire) to run
– My Fusion
– All of my Ann Arbor Friends
– All of my Utah Friends
– All of my Wyoming Friends
– Having survived three rounds of layoffs at Ford
– A meaningful job
– The Michigan Department of Natural Resources
– Metroparks
– Ford Lake
– Mormons, in general.
– Emo-pop and Alt-pop music
– A very specific rainbow
– Arguments about poetry
– Gchat and Gmail
– Pencils
– Mark Bittman and Michael Pollan
– Spellcheck
– Small acts of kindness
– Drinkable yogurt
– Rules about prepositions
– Having a washer and dryer in my apartment
– The Upper Peninsula
– Having Wyoming roots
– Being a Cowboy and a Ute
– Eyes that see and ears that hear
– Pablo Neruda
– The Huron River
– Seeing a window at work
– Spring
– National Public Radio, in general, and Michigan Radio, specifically
– Cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes
– Sharing with friends
– Mingles
– Game Night
– My own specific challenges and trials
– Did I mention the Internet?
– Amazon Prime
– My bike
– A dry sense of humor
I’m absolutely certain that I am thankful for other things, but I’ve run out of steam. What are you thankful for?