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How I voted

I know that I will be judged deficient for what I am about to post. I’ve already had two negative reactions when I told someone how I voted today. I’ve been pretty open about my indecision, and I feel that it would be cheating to not reveal how I actually voted. Please don’t call me stupid for my opinion. I respect yours.

Let me say that I did put a lot of thought and effort into this, although I think I could have probably done more. I honestly believe that both candidates are good men, good leaders, and both would lead the country in positive, albeit distinctly different, directions.

I ended up voting for John McCain.

The principal reasons I voted for McCain:

1- I believe that raising taxes on business is not the way to create jobs. I work for a company that would likely be penalized by Obama’s plan, not only not creating jobs, but putting my job in danger.

2- I know and understand McCain’s voting record over a long series of years. I tried to look up Obama’s record and found a whole bunch of Did not Votes. I used to compare records and special interest group ratings.

3- McCain and Palin are both western leaders, and understand the issues of the West. For me, that is important even though I am technically a Midwesterner right now.

I used a few different “Select a Candidate” style online quizes, but the one I trust the most, from American Public Media, gave both candidates a tied score. I guess that makes me truly middle of the road.

The opinion that finally tipped the scale was actually one that I trust quite a bit, and you’ll laugh when I say it: Orson Scott Card, one of my favorite sci-fi authors. Honestly, he’s kind of out there sometimes, and I can’t really explain why, but this article and this article were the last two that I read before I made my decision. Don’t think that I can’t see through the (clearly heavy handed) rhetoric in them, because I can. They helped me clarify my position on what was important to me.

I honestly think that Obama will likely win the election (As I write this, NPR has it 200 to 76 – favoring Obama), and I am really ok with it. I think this country needs to move beyond partisanship, demonizing the other side, the side that you don’t agree with as “evil,” “stupid,” and “just plain wrong.” A house divided against itself can never stand. I think both candidates are capable of truly building a great nation. (It’s now 200 to 90 – favoring Obama.)

God Bless America!

Bi-weekly Veggie Fest #9

The season seems to be wrapping up. I’m guessing we’re in for a lot of winter squashes and pumpkins in the next few weeks, but not much else. The pickup this week was full of peppers, including one that I’d never heard of before, the Joe Pepper. Hmm.. no idea. The picture above is the board that hangs in the cow-print tent each week. It shows which items and how many are available for each share.

Here’s the take this week. I forgot to weigh it:

1- 2 honey bears from the farm beehives. (Mmm… fresh honey!)
2- 1 Sweet Lighting squash

3- 1 quart of potatoes
4- 1 squash (I chose Zucchini this time)
5- 1 eggplant
6- 1 onion
7- 4 banana peppers
8- 2 bell peppers
9- 1 Joe pepper
10- 6 jalepenos
11- 2 chili peppers
12- 1 dozen eggs

I spent way too much time at the market yesterday. In addition to my CSA box, I was looking for secret ingredients for the Hill Street Hoedown chili cook-off this weekend. Take note, Elder’s Quorum Presidency. You’ve been warned. 😉

CSA Pickup #7 – Tomato time

Time for another list of food. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with all 21 pounds of this haul. Lots of tomatoes and peppers makes me think of chili, but maybe not… We’ll see. Here’s the list and the photo:

1- 3 Zinnias
2- 1 Cucumber
3- 1 quart of potatoes. Again I chose mostly small potatoes. I guess I need to think about a roast.
4- 2 squash. I chose 1 summer squash and another yellow zuchinni.
5- 12 slicing tomatoes
6- 1 quart of roma tomatoes. (Upwards of 10 romas, haven’t really counted).
7- 2 eggplant (one very delicate white and purple, the other traditional. The farm appears to be having a bumper crop of eggplant this year. The tubs were overflowing with eggplants to choose from.)
8- 1 dozen eggs
9- 1 muskmelon, which I think is kind of like a cantelope.
10- 4 ears of corn. mmmm… corn…
11- 1 large bunch of small green onions
12- 1 bell pepper
13- 2 jalepeno peppers
14- 2 chili peppers
So there you have it, posed vegetables and another list. If you’ve got recipe suggestions that will eat up a lot of tomatoes, shoot them my way! I continue to be very impressed by Our Family Farm, LLC. I’m glad that I chose them as my CSA. The quality of the food is wonderful.

Ultimate Frisbee

Last night I played in my first game of Ultimate Frisbee since I moved to Michigan. I was apprehensive. Frisbee was one of my favorite sports/games/pasttimes while I lived in Laramie, and even while I was in Salt Lake. It worried me that I was apprehensive. I ended up having a lot of fun playing, but on the way home, I think I figured out why I was so reluctant to play.

It all has to do with unspoken expectations.

In Laramie, there were two years when we played almost every week, usually at least twice a week, and during the summer, almost every night. We had a set field, one that we knew by heart, and a set time. It was just expected that a game would break out on Tuesdays around 6pm or so. It was always Derek’s game, he was the one who started it up, and it was to him we turned if there were problems or scheduling conflicts. Tuesday was a fairly open night. Anyone (and everyone) in the Institute showed up to play. We didn’t talk about Thursday night as much because we wanted a smaller group, more for our immediate circle of friends to play.

We developed a lingo, and a chatter, and a set of rules. The rules were fairly standard, but they were customized to our game. We counted how many times we hit cars with the frisbee. We offered points to whoever could do some obscenely difficult thing with the frisbee (usually hit someone on the other team in the back of the head on a kick-off). We chattered, and had a running dialog through the whole game. We didn’t really play with strategy, as much as we played for fun.

Once Derek talked us into playing in a co-ed intermurals tournament (and then left town and didn’t play). We ended up handily beating our first round opponents and ended up in the final versus the University Club team. That was one of the most physically exhausting games I’ve ever played. Our opponents did hammer throws and stall counts and all sorts of things we didn’t do. We ended up winning, mostly because our girls were better than theirs.

Fast forward… When I moved to Salt Lake, I tried to find a regular frisbee game. There were always games going on, but I never really felt like I fit in. I didn’t know their rules or their chatter, and I didn’t feel the same passion for the game as those who were playing did. We had a sporadic game in Salt Lake, but it never had the momentum that playing in Laramie did.

I’m pretty passionate about frisbee, don’t get me wrong, or I was, anyway. I just played for a different reason. I played to have fun and spend time with my friends. I never figured out how to straighten out my kick-off throw and never wore cleats, but I did have pretty good accuracy in throwing short and catching. I’m somewhere middle of the pack, skill-wise, I’d say. But I love to play.

Which brings me back to Michigan, and my experience with frisbee here. I have found other ways to spend time with friends, and frisbee never came up. I knew that they played it at Sports Night, but I didn’t know them and it was a longish drive anyhow. Last night, I wasn’t sure I wanted to play. I didn’t know how they did it here. Eventually, (and unfortunately right after two hotdogs), I got into the game.

Turns out, they have a different style of playing here. I got called out for what I considered playful banter with the other team. They also play with a very strict sense of boundaries, and there are rules that I didn’t know about that go with those boundaries. One member of the other team in particular got in my face about a rule I didn’t know I was breaking. (which of course makes me want to come back and play again, right?). It was those unspoken rules again…

So, I had fun. Will I play frisbee again with this group? I don’t know. If I were really daring, I’d try to organize my own game, but one where we’ve talked about the rules.