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CSA Pickup #5 – Hats off to Amy

It’s obsessive list time. Are you ready? This week’s list is brought to you by the first potatoes of the season, and Amy too. I talked her into picking up for me while I was in Pennsylvania.

So here’s my produce:
(The list is from Amy on my Facebook, edited a little as I unpacked)

1- one bunch of cilantro,
2- 1 onion,
3- 3 peppers (two looked like serranos maybe, and one like a green bell pepper, not sure though)
4- 1 summer squash
5- 1 eggplant
6- 1 pattypan squash
7- 8 red potatoes of various sizes
8- 3 small tomatoes and 7 cherry tomatoes
9- 1 dozen eggs
10- more snapdragons
11- 2 massive zucchini
12- Mystery Greens – possibly spicy mustard greens
13- 1 cucumber

So, my first reaction was that I have the ingredients for ratatouille. Add some garlic and olive oil, and it should be delicious. I’m excited about the tomatoes too. They aren’t big enough for slicing yet, but they could make a good pico de gallo.

CSA Pickup #4

I’m unloading my tote from my most recent share of the crop from my co-op. Here’s what I got:

1- 1 bunch of 2 red onions
2- 1 dozen eggs
3- 1 cucumber
4- 1 summer squash
5- 1 bunch of turnip greens
6- 1 significantly larger than last time kohlrabi (less greens this time)
7- 1 red cabbage
8- 1 large branch of basil (The smell was divine when she opened the cooler with the basil!)
9- 1 large bunch of curly kale
10- 2 jalapeno peppers
11 – Snapdragons (I let Amy pick them out and keep them. She’s agreed to do my pickup next time when I’ll be at the reunion.)
Veggie Box

That pic is definitely not my share this week. 🙂 Until my camera is fixed, I’m stuck borrowing from Flickr.

I also picked up from another vendor some beets and some dill to make borscht.

No salad greens this week. That was odd. I’ve come to expect arugula. 😉 I’m still not sure how I manage to use the arugula, but boy does it have a distinctive taste.

CSA, Pick-up #3

I joined a Community Supported Agriculture co-operative at the beginning of the summer. It was part of my grand scheme to eat more and varied vegetables. Today was pickup #3. I took the two previous pickups before my trip to Wyoming.

I really enjoy the co-op owners. They call themselves Farmer John and the Garden Goddess, and they are always very happy to see me when I show up with my canvas bag. Today it was raining when I got there. I had expected the water to keep people away, but it was as busy as ever at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market.

Here’s what I got today.

Please forgive the obsessive list making. I’m interested to know what I end up with at the end of the season. (and hopefully have eaten all or most of it by then.)

#1 – 1 dozen eggs
#2 – 1 bunch of radishes (they were variegated, and very pretty. Tragically my camera is broken!)
#3 – 1 cabbage
#4 – 1 kohlrabi#5 – 1 bunch of arugula
#6 – 1 head of Bibb lettuce
#7 – 1 bunch of spicy mustard greens
#8 – 1 bunch of curly kale
#9 – 4 onions
#10 – 1 oddly shaped zucchini and 1 small yellow squash
#11 – flowers for my “wife” or “girlfriend”