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How I voted

I know that I will be judged deficient for what I am about to post. I’ve already had two negative reactions when I told someone how I voted today. I’ve been pretty open about my indecision, and I feel that it would be cheating to not reveal how I actually voted. Please don’t call me stupid for my opinion. I respect yours.

Let me say that I did put a lot of thought and effort into this, although I think I could have probably done more. I honestly believe that both candidates are good men, good leaders, and both would lead the country in positive, albeit distinctly different, directions.

I ended up voting for John McCain.

The principal reasons I voted for McCain:

1- I believe that raising taxes on business is not the way to create jobs. I work for a company that would likely be penalized by Obama’s plan, not only not creating jobs, but putting my job in danger.

2- I know and understand McCain’s voting record over a long series of years. I tried to look up Obama’s record and found a whole bunch of Did not Votes. I used to compare records and special interest group ratings.

3- McCain and Palin are both western leaders, and understand the issues of the West. For me, that is important even though I am technically a Midwesterner right now.

I used a few different “Select a Candidate” style online quizes, but the one I trust the most, from American Public Media, gave both candidates a tied score. I guess that makes me truly middle of the road.

The opinion that finally tipped the scale was actually one that I trust quite a bit, and you’ll laugh when I say it: Orson Scott Card, one of my favorite sci-fi authors. Honestly, he’s kind of out there sometimes, and I can’t really explain why, but this article and this article were the last two that I read before I made my decision. Don’t think that I can’t see through the (clearly heavy handed) rhetoric in them, because I can. They helped me clarify my position on what was important to me.

I honestly think that Obama will likely win the election (As I write this, NPR has it 200 to 76 – favoring Obama), and I am really ok with it. I think this country needs to move beyond partisanship, demonizing the other side, the side that you don’t agree with as “evil,” “stupid,” and “just plain wrong.” A house divided against itself can never stand. I think both candidates are capable of truly building a great nation. (It’s now 200 to 90 – favoring Obama.)

God Bless America!

So why are you supporting McCain, my friends?

So, I’m sitting here, watching the debate (unfortunately without debate cookies), and coming down from a runner’s high.  I realized that I never asked the second half of my presidential politics question:   Why are you supporting John McCain in this election?  

Devoted readers will know that I am horribly undecided in this campaign, and still can’t really make up my mind about who I will vote for this November.  I have a list of things that I like and don’t like about each candidate, and right now, they about balance each other out.
As part of my research, I’m asking you, dear reader, to discuss politics with me.   I’m not really interested in why you aren’t voting for McCain.  I’m interested in the positive aspects of why you support him.  Do you think his tax credit for health care will work?  Do you think his tax cuts will work to stimulate the economy?  Are his foreign policies the way to improve America’s standing in the world?
I still welcome thoughts about Obama in my previous post.  If you support him, feel free to leave me a comment here.  I’ve enabled anonymous comments for both posts, which you can use if you don’t want me to know who you are?
Oh, and if you see Joe the Plumber out there, I’d really like to know who you are voting for, but I’d also like to stop hearing about you.

Why are you voting for Obama?

Ok, so I’m a news junkie. I’ll admit it. I love news, because it tells me something about how the world works, and how people react to it. Right now, the news is unfortunately all politics all the time. So what do you think I spend my time thinking about.

As you know, I’m trying to give the current batch of candidates a fair chance for my vote, instead of relying on the party lines. I consider myself to be a moderate Republican leaning kind of guy (I think I’d call myself a Public Radio Republican). If you check my Facebook, you’ll see that at least over there, I support McCain. (I added that support at about the time that Mitt dropped out of the race. No way was I supporting Hucky.) I also know that some of the readers of my blog support Obama.

In the interest of gathering information, and not descending into politics, I’d like to ask the readers of my blog why they support Obama. Use the anonymous setting to leave a comment, please, as I don’t really want anyone to feel uncomfortable leaving their thoughts. If you support McCain and want to say something, just wait your turn… I’ll get to you… 😀

Also, I won’t be persuaded by “He isn’t Bush” or “He’s for change.” Give me something concrete to work with. 😉