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Sidebar stuff

Ok, so this is the lame post where I tell you what I’ve been doing with my blog template.

I’ve been jiggering with my sidebar. Since my blog isn’t actually hosted on Blogger, I can’t do all of the cool and easy template changes, like adding a widget. I have to actually edit the code of my template. It’s not hard, since most of the time, I can just steal the code from somewhere else, but it’s knowing what to do with it that’s the trouble.

The first thing I added was my shared items. Sometimes, I’ll be reading something somewhere, and I’ll just want to share it with you, but not say anything about it. I like it, and I think that you, dear reader, might like it too. But not enough for me to say anything about it. Right now, there’s an anti-High Fructose Corn Syrup thing, a really cool video of dominoes made of dominoes, and a cross post from a friends blog about Mormon dating, so you can see it’s pretty eclectic, and not about food most of the time. So if you’re reading this on my actual website, go ahead and take a look to see what I’m reading and thinking about these days.

I also added my Twitter feed. It’s like the Facebook status updates, except more frequent and less other information like photos and wall posts and applications. I’ve got it set to show my most recent three updates, so you can see how my day/week progresses. It’s like microblogging. I’m not satisfied with how it looks right now, so it might move around a little bit until I get it right. If you want to friend me on Twitter, my username is brady32. I read this really interesting article about the whole Twitter/Facebook/Microblogging thing. It’s worth a read in this brave new world in which we live.

Finally, I also added a map and list that shows where people are reading me. You’re stalking me, and now I’m stalking you back. Take that, blog stalkers. 😉 Now if I could only figure out who in Connecticut is reading my blog.

CSA Pickup #5 – Hats off to Amy

It’s obsessive list time. Are you ready? This week’s list is brought to you by the first potatoes of the season, and Amy too. I talked her into picking up for me while I was in Pennsylvania.

So here’s my produce:
(The list is from Amy on my Facebook, edited a little as I unpacked)

1- one bunch of cilantro,
2- 1 onion,
3- 3 peppers (two looked like serranos maybe, and one like a green bell pepper, not sure though)
4- 1 summer squash
5- 1 eggplant
6- 1 pattypan squash
7- 8 red potatoes of various sizes
8- 3 small tomatoes and 7 cherry tomatoes
9- 1 dozen eggs
10- more snapdragons
11- 2 massive zucchini
12- Mystery Greens – possibly spicy mustard greens
13- 1 cucumber

So, my first reaction was that I have the ingredients for ratatouille. Add some garlic and olive oil, and it should be delicious. I’m excited about the tomatoes too. They aren’t big enough for slicing yet, but they could make a good pico de gallo.

CSA Pickup #4

I’m unloading my tote from my most recent share of the crop from my co-op. Here’s what I got:

1- 1 bunch of 2 red onions
2- 1 dozen eggs
3- 1 cucumber
4- 1 summer squash
5- 1 bunch of turnip greens
6- 1 significantly larger than last time kohlrabi (less greens this time)
7- 1 red cabbage
8- 1 large branch of basil (The smell was divine when she opened the cooler with the basil!)
9- 1 large bunch of curly kale
10- 2 jalapeno peppers
11 – Snapdragons (I let Amy pick them out and keep them. She’s agreed to do my pickup next time when I’ll be at the reunion.)
Veggie Box

That pic is definitely not my share this week. 🙂 Until my camera is fixed, I’m stuck borrowing from Flickr.

I also picked up from another vendor some beets and some dill to make borscht.

No salad greens this week. That was odd. I’ve come to expect arugula. 😉 I’m still not sure how I manage to use the arugula, but boy does it have a distinctive taste.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m totally cross posting here: Amy makes the best cookies and she shares her secrets!

Update: I made my first attempt on the recipe. And it turned out deliciously! I added some fresh cherries and a little bit of cinnamon. My first sheet came out completely underbaked, I had to increase the time a minute or two for other two sheets. I think my oven wasn’t quite hot enough. But still! Delicious!