The Hairbrush You Use Matters, and Stylists Recommend These 15 Above All Others

Unsurprisingly, finding quick and simple ways to streamline and simplify our haircare routines can be easier said than done. Shopping for the best hairbrush to suit your hair type, texture, length, and styling preferences poses a challenge based entirely on your relationship with your hair. Your selected brush can make or break the health of your hair in a heartbeat, ranging from the unequal distribution of your favorite leave-in conditioner after you step out of the shower to frizz for days.

The hunt for the perfect hairbrush may be further complicated by the recommendations and experiences of others or simply by perusing the hair aisle of your favorite beauty retailer without your hair needs at the top of your mind. With so many brands, lines, and models available, it's easy to feel discouraged. Luckily for you, we've dedicated time to rounding up the best of the best brushes on the market, settling on the 15 that set themselves apart from the others.



What better way to learn the best hairbrushes for the job than from an industry expert? Mohair Salon owner Monice Lopez shared what she looks for when selecting her tools for the trade. "I look for a brush that is thoughtfully designed and effective yet gentle enough to use on both natural hair and extensions," the Roseville, California-based hairstylist explains. "That's why I love the Wet Brush Go Green Detangler. It's made with 58% plant-based plastic and uses IntelliFlex bristles to glide through hair with 45% less damage!" Lopez, who specializes in curly hair, gravitates toward hair brushes with unique designs that can be used on all hair types and textures.

With the help of Lopez and thousands of customer reviews pulled from the beauty industry's biggest retailers, we've scoured the internet to compose the ultimate list of the 15 best hairbrushes on the market. You're sure to receive nonstop compliments once you get your hands on one (or two) of these superhero hair tools.

The Best Brush for Detangling in the Shower

When I recall my hair brush history, there's a defined time before this detangling brush and after (the former is admittedly more of a challenge to remember). With that said, Pattern's Shower Detangling Brush completely altered the way I approach the days I wash and style my natural hair. It's a true power player due to its ability to clump, detangle, and define tight textures.

The Best Brush for Combating Static + Frizz

I haven't had to face off against static and frizz often in my hair journey, but I know plenty of people who have stopped at nothing to find a solution. Fromm's ultra-flexible vent brush is one of them. It offers salon-quality control over strands using flexible, anti-static, ceramic-infused pins ideal for smoothing away frizz and flyaways.

The Best Brush for Detangling Natural Hair

When it comes to getting down to the nitty-gritty of detangling natural hair textures, Lopez has endless tips and tricks. She uses this uniquely shaped brush to detangle curls without tugging or pulling. Lopez also uses The Go Green Detangling Comb to distribute conditioner and leave-in treatments evenly through strands. "Its shape makes it gentle on the scalp, yet it can handle even the toughest tangles," says Lopez.

The Best Brush for Creating Big, Bouncy Curls

If you're after volume, finding a round brush is imperative to creating ultra-glam waves and curls every time. Raincry's medium-sized volumizing brush is crafted with magnesium to reduce the presence of static electricity and keep blow-drying time low. Magnesium allows heats and cools faster than ceramic, meaning this brush helps preserve styles while minimizing damage.

The Best Brush for Fine, Fragile Hair

A larger version of Tangle Teezer's best-selling Ultimate Detangle Tangle Teezer brush, this one is designed to thoroughly and gently distribute product while your in the shower and allow for easy detangling afterwards (you can thank its 325 uniquely flexible teeth and 2-tier technology for that). While it's designed for all hair types, it's especially effective on fragile hair.

The Best Brush for All Hair Types

Did you know your hair type and texture can change over time? I experienced that after transitioning my hair from being chemically treated to its natural curly state. No matter your hair story, it's always a good idea to have a few versatile hair tools in your arsenal, like this Wet Brush that promotes healthy hair for all textures and types.

The Best Brush for Blowouts + Silk Presses

If you've ever left the salon after an expensive hair treatment to find your hair quickly reverting back to its less fabulous state, you're not alone. Luckily, GHD's paddle hairbrush can keep your lovely locks in check. It's designed to keep strands looking sleek and static-free.

The Best Paddle Brush

Spoiler alert: Paddle brushes are game changers for most hair types. However, they probably have the biggest difference in straight and wavy textures. T3's Smooth Paddle Brush uses high heat-resistant bristles and a cushioned body to smooth the strands for sleek and polished results with or without the addition of a hair product.



The Best Vegan Hairbrush

Your search is over for a vegan boar bristle brush that will actually make a difference in your hair. This Briogeo brush detangles straight, coiled, curly, and wavy hair types using multi-layered bristles with soft ballpoint tips to gently massage the scalp and promote better health for all hair textures.

The Best Brush for Volume

Ready to bring on the volume? Here's one luxurious round brush that promises that and more. Crafted from European Beechwood and high-quality boar bristles, Oribe's Medium Round Brush delivers the perfect grip and balanced weight with an ergonomic design that rivals all other salon-quality round brushes.

The Best Vented Brush

Vented hairbrushes are a favorite among beauty experts because they quickly dry most hair types by allowing hair to circulate freely and blow through the bristle section. This top-rated brush from Olivia Garden is also ceramic coated and uses ion technology to restore the hair's balance and smooth the hair while adding endless sheen.

The Best Brush for Tight Natural Curls

If you have naturally curly hair and haven't invested in one of Denman's best-selling hairbrushes, it's time you hop on the bandwagon and simplify your haircare routine by adding one (or two) to your collection. The Curly Hair Brush D4 is a favorite of mine since it is multi-functional, delivers easy detangling without hair breakage, and is extremely comfortable to use.



The Best Brush for Straight and Wavy Hair

You can never have too many multipurpose brushes. Don't believe me? Check out this one that can detangle and style hair for a smooth, styled finish. Made from entirely vegan materials, it fights against frizz while stimulating hair growth using vegan boar-like bristles that gently massage the scalp.

The Best Teasing Brush

Teasing your hair doesn't have to be challenging. Oribe's Teasing Brush is proof, since it features a blend of boar bristles and soft nylon pins to style your hair while adding volume. This luxurious brush is crafted from custom-designed Italian resin for the ideal grip and weight.

The Best Styling Brush

This Fromm Intuition Boar Bristle Brush zeroes in on the hair shaft by ridding it of hidden dust and debris while evenly distributing natural oils from the scalp down strands. Its longer pins massage the scalp, while shorter pins add the perfect amount of tension.