Without One of These Curlers, Your Lashes Will Never Reach Their Max Potential

12 Best Drugstore Eyelash Curlers for Voluminous Lashes



Even though I'm steeped in the beauty world, eyelash curlers have never been my strong suit. To be honest, it took me a while to find one that actually worked well for me—most did absolutely nothing for my lashes and left them looking exactly the same. I even started to wonder if it was just another unnecessary product that I could save some extra dollars on. But all that changed when I found the right ones for me. One of them is a higher-end option and a fan favorite, but a few lash curlers I also love can be found at the drugstore. For all the best drugstore options, keep on scrolling. I've picked out the 10 best ahead.

Best Overall: Covergirl Makeup Masters Eyelash Curler

Pros: Gentle on the lashes, easy to use, easy-grip handle.

Cons: Doesn't curl corner lashes as well.

Priced at $4, this affordable eyelash curler will get the job done without breaking your monthly beauty budget.

Customer Review: "The curvature is perfect because it is moon-shaped and smaller in width than all the other curlers. It has the proper mechanism, not the sloppy one that sits against your cheek or the weird scissor one that pinches your eye and cheek.
And the biggest plus … the cushion is rubber!! This is important because the other ones have … hard silicone that is slippery and allows your lashes to roll. … If you want movie star lashes you see on camera, then use this contraption to curl your lashes."

Best for Straight Lashes: Sephora Collection Eyelash Curler

Pros: Universal eyelash curler, exclusive ergonomic handle that curves to the shape of your face for maximum curl.

Cons: Can pull on the lashes if you're not careful.

This universally designed eyelash curler from Sephora Collection offers an exclusive ergonomic handle that helps curve to the shape of your face and allows for maximum curl, even on the inner and outer corners.

Customer Review: "Exactly what I needed to help curl my straight lashes. This comes with two replacement pads too."

Best Heated: Zapal Heated Eyelash Curler

Pros: Rechargeable, includes an eyelash comb, three different temperature settings, 15-degree curved comb design.

Cons: Heat may be too much for sensitive eyes.

I've never tried a heated lash curler myself, but this budget-friendly Amazon find might be the place to start. It offers three different temperature settings and a 15-degree curved comb design, and it's rechargeable.

Customer Review: "This product is great. I can see the difference in my eye lashes. Makes them look longer."

Best for Hooded Eyes: Tweezerman Curl 38 Degree Eyelash Curler

Pros: Angled top bar is designed to suit a variety of eye shapes.

Cons: Expensive.

Tweezerman's 38-degree-angled top bar is designed to suit a variety of eye shapes and lids, including almond-shaped, deep-set, and hooded eyes. 

Customer Review: "I love this curler! I have almond-shaped eyes so any other eyelash curler would always pinch my eye and it hurt so bad! I decided to try this and I haven't been pinched since! My lashes look so cute and curled perfectly."

Revlon Extra Curl Eyelash Curler

Pros: Gentle, rounded pad curls each lash without crimping or pinching, non-slip grip, budget-friendly.

Cons: Tends to break easily.

This Revlon curler features a gentle, rounded pad to curl each lash without crimping or pinching. It also has a non-slip grip (great for beginners), and at only $7, it's a great affordable option.

Customer Review: "The best eyelash curler. I've used Revlon eyelash curlers all my life. You have to press a bit hard at first. After a few times, it gets easier to use. This curls my thin, straight lashes, perfectly. Finish with waterproof mascara, the result is beautiful lashes."

Wet N Wild High on Lash Eyelash Curler

Pros: Features a comfortable silicone pad to cushion and curl lashes, universal shape to fit a variety of eye shapes, designed to curl without pinching, budget-friendly.

Cons: Curl doesn't last as long.

The comfortable silicone pad on this curler helps stop any pinching in its tracks. The $2 price tag also can't be beat.

Customer Review: "This is such a great eyelash curler. I feel like after one use my lashes look so much better. It is very easy to use and easy on the hand. This is a great eyelash curler to add to your makeup collection."

Best Drugstore Eyelash Curlers



Kasage Eyelash Curler With Pads

Pros: Comes with extra silicone replacement pads, wraparound design helps you avoid missing lashes on the end.

Cons: Bulkier than most.

I'm a fan of the elastic silicone pads and comfy handle on this one. It also comes with silicone replacement pads in case the one you have wears down.

Customer Review: "This eyelash curler is wonderful. It keeps my eyelashes curled for most of the day."

E.l.f. Cosmetics Pro Eyelash Curler

Pros: Budget-friendly, contoured curve allows for easy curling, comfortable ergonomic handles.

Cons: Replacement pads sold separately.

I love this option from E.l.f. because it's so inexpensive but gets the job done—much like E.l.f.'s other star products. The handles also make it extremely easy to use. 

Customer Review: "Best lash curler EVER. I have been struggling for years because my lashes are so straight [that] they almost grow at a downward angle. I would spend five minutes just curling one eye. This curler actually works to curl my lashes and [does] it quickly. Can’t recommend enough. I use the Maybelline Sky High Mascara and then the Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara layered after I use the curler and the curl holds really well. 10/10."

Japonesque Pro Performance Eyelash Curler

Pros: Delivers up to eight hours of curl, natural arch creates a soft, sweeping curl, ideal for deep-set or monolid eyes.

Cons: Tricky to use at first.

Delivering up to eight hours of curl, this tool also has an ergonomic shape that works well on deep-set and monolid eyes.

Customer Review: "What a great eyelash curler!! So beautifully made and easy to use! And it works so fast! Love this tool—threw out the other two that used to pinch my eyelids."

Shiseido Eyelash Curler

Pros: Edge-free design that helps prevent pinching, provides long-lasting curl, broad curve curls lashes from inner to outer corner.

Cons: Expensive.

Okay, Shiseido's lash curler isn't exactly drugstore priced, but I'm including it because I consider it one of the best on the market. I use this lash curler regularly, and it never disappoints. Folks love its edge-free design, and it lasts quite a while. It primes my lashes perfectly for any lash booster and mascara to follow.

Customer Review: "I don't usually like to spend a lot of money on makeup products but when I do, I try to do my research and that is exactly what I did before ordering the Shiseido curler. I've used a drug store eyelash curler for years and always [wondered] why my eyelashes do not curl the way I like them to. I thought the mascara was the problem, but now I know it's because I needed a better eyelash curler. I highly recommend this for people with small eyes because the curler has a flatter curvature and contours the lid really well. I am glad I bought this, money well spent."

More Lash-Lengthening Products I Love

I've used many a lash serum in my days, and this one from Grande Cosmetics delivers the best results. My lashes have grown immensely over the six months I've used it, and it reduces eyelash shed dramatically. 

It took me a while to find a lash primer I was happy with, but this one is it. It does apply white, but it really conditions your lashes, boosts your mascara's volumizing and lengthening power, and keeps your formula from smudging or flaking.

Whenever I want dramatic length and volume, I turn to this mascara without a doubt. It always makes my lashes look extra thick and long without having to apply falsies.