2016 Top 5: My Favorite Flower Pictures

You didn’t think a 2016 recap from this guy wouldn’t include flower pictures, did you?

#1 – Doubled Daffodil. This is my absolute favorite picture from my flower garden year.

#sorrynotsorry more daffodil pictures. Isn’t this doubled daff a beauty?

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#2 – Peach Iris – I added Iris bulbs to my garden last fall, and this was my favorite by far.

Guys guys guys guys, we have iris bloom!

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#3 – Peonies – I stopped by the Peony gardens at the Nichols Arboretum.  Their collection is astounding.

#4 – Dahlia – I tried my hand (and was moderately unsuccessful) at growing Dinnerplate Dahlias. I did manage to get this really good shot when I was clearing out the garden for winter.

#5 – Aladdin’s Carpet – I got this really fantastic mix of wild tulips and baby daffodils and hyacinths and stuff.

Some top down tulip shots

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Bonus #1 –  My friend Kate made this rainbow flower collage and sent it to me after the Pulse Nightclub Tragedy. It has warmed my heart all year.

Bonus #2 – I had too much fun making flower mandalas with Structure.  Here’s one from flowers at Greenfield Village.

More flower mandalas. #cantstopwontstop

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