Speculative Fiction

I love me some Speculative Fiction.  Since I last posted about it, I’ve added at least 5 books from the NPR list to my have-read or am-reading lists.   I expect to finish Slaughterhouse-Five (#19) on my commute home tonight, and then I will finish a re-read of Hitchhiker’s Guide (#2) and finish up Watchmen (#15).  That’ll

I’m struggling to pick the next book for our Speculative Fiction book club.  It’s my turn again, and I’ve got so many I want to read. I considered Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, but found it wanting.  I originally thought about Watchmen, but it is really disturbing, enjoyable, but disturbing.  I ruled out Slaughterhouse-Five for language.  I’m playing with the idea of Cormac McCarthey’s The Road (#63).

But how can I leave out?
– Ready, Player One!
– The Warded Man
– Cold Magic
– Elantris

and tons of other books that I would love to read and discuss?

In other news, I’m going to be very indecisive until Thursday.