Flip Flop: Winter Holidays Edition

I am, by nature, a food flip-flopper. I have many times reversed decisions about whether or not I still like a certain food group or not. I have spent several entire summers not eating corn on the cob, only to (wisely) reverse my stand the next year. I flip-flop almost monthly in my feelings about citrus. On one occasion, I decided that I didn’t like watermelon at all, which in my present state of mind is an absolutely ridiculous stance.

Most recently, I have flip flopped my stance on eggnog. It’s getting to be the end of eggnog season, but I decided on one of my first shopping trips after the New Year that I should get some eggnog. After all, I had insisted that we have eggnog pie at Christmas Dinner (a very popular decision, I might add). Additionally, over Christmas, we twice had eggnog shakes while enjoying such diverse pastimes as reading the Christmas story and playing Dominion. If it had been delicious then, why not now, I reasoned.
How I reasoned wrongly!
I don’t know if it is just the brand that I got at Meijer’s or something else that turned me off. It’s cloyingly sweet and thick, and I just don’t like it. At all.
I have once or twice had some of it straight, but I can’t take very much of it that way, so I’ve taken to cutting it with milk. Unfortunately, this process forces the eggnog to last longer. I’ve had to begin masking it with other things, which as it turns out is a very effective method to increase my eggnog consumption to the point where I don’t feel like I’ve wasted the entire half-gallon.
Some highlights:
1- Eggnog French Toast. Turns out, eggnog and french toast were made for each other. Just swap out the milk for the ‘nog, and you barely have to season.
2- Eggnog Hot Chocolate. I tried this one this morning. Of course, I had to cut it with milk, but chocolate and eggnog seem to compliment each other.
One (extremely) lowlight:
I thought that the general success of the Eggnog Shakes over Christmas was a general indicator that eggnog mixed with any type of ice cream would be heavenly. Not so, my friends, not so. I had some left over ice cream cake from my birthday. It involved red velvet cake and cake mix ice cream, and was not improved at all by being blended with eggnog. In fact, it was the opposite of improvement. Do NOT ever try this. Not ever. Unless you have swallowed some poison and are trying to get it out of your system. I can think of better ways though.
So, now I’m on the outs with eggnog. I still have most of that half-gallon left, and fortunately, it’s just about at its expiration date, so I don’t feel bad about throwing it out now. I wonder if I’ll like it again next eggnog season. Anyone else have a food flip flop for Christmas?