Wake the Sun

Do you ever hear a song, and just can’t stop listening to it?

I did that last year with Ronnie Day and Fallout Boy.

The flavor of the week this time is Wake the Sun by The Matches. I found it accidentally in a huge download of music from SxSW this year. I’ve been listening to the 6GB of songs from that download 25 at a time while I run and do other things. Most of them are ok… some of them I hate… and some get added to my permanent collection.

This song is about to replace Hum Hallelujah as my PowerSong on my iPod. It’s that good, I guess.

What do you think?

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Anyone else find any good new tunes lately?

July Plans?

Does anyone need plans for the week of June 29-July 4?

I’m looking to go visit the Boundary Waters National Canoe Area in Northern Minnesota. The problem is that it would be incredibly stupid for me to do it by myself.

Boundary Waters Campsite

I need to set plans in motion soon, I think, to get the required permits and outfitting details taken care of. Right now, I’m planning on working with an outfitter to make sure the details are right. I’m anticipating a cost of less than $500 per person, once one gets to Minnesota.

Anyone interested in joining me? Please let me know soon.

Just in case you need more convincing, here’s a flickr slideshow:

National Poetry Month Recap!

So, there it went. Goodbye April! See you next time around. I’ll be ready for you next time, I really will.

Did you all have a great National Poetry Month? I sure did. I felt like I was surrounded by good poetry. I didn’t do a lot of reading from the so-called masters, but I did get to see a whole lot of poetry from my friends! Both original and favorites. It was great!

I thought I should put together a quick round-up of all of the poetry posts from National Poetry Month. Here goes:

Amy gave us three posts of her poems. I really liked Sinfonia and Laundry!
Volume One
Volume Two
Volume Three

Mike shared a poem about recent history, which he claims he wrote in the third grade. I’m not sure I buy it.
The Battle of the Blinds

Katherine posted quite a few of her favorite poems:
e.e. cummings
That the Science of Cartography is Limited
Musee des Beaux Arts
Housing Shortage

Elizabeth dropped a poem about one of my favorite things in the world: Trees!

Kara also posted two poems. Her site feed is broken, so you might not have seen them, but they were there. I just saw the second while I was looking for the link for the first, so I haven’t had time to digest yet.
i carry your heart with me
Poem about love

Fridge for Thought featured some great poems this month too. I tried to talk Adam into a National Poetry Month theme, but I thought of it too late.
April 13 – Entries 2 and 4
April 27 – Entry 4

Melanie left a poem in the comments from the last thread:
Our Class

I did talk a group of people from my favorite message board, Tweleve.org, to write some poetry in celebration of NPM. I really owe Tweleve and the people who populate the Creative Corner over there for my return to writing poetry a few years ago. They are the ones who dared me, and challenged me, and told me when I missed and when I hit. They’re great poets to boot.
Tweleve National Poetry Month thread

I know this post has drawn on a little long, so I’ll link my poems for the month of April, and then I’ll stop.
The Wind Blew in Detroit II
I dance slowly
Suddenly Spring

I hope everyone got to read a favorite poem this month. Adam and Cass, thanks for the emails with poems in them. Thanks to everyone who took me up on my challenge. I hope I didn’t miss anyone.

Did anyone have a favorite poem they discovered this month?