Picture from CSA!

My camera came back from the warranty place today, and with it the cord I accidentally sent in. So here is my picture of food posing with some of my cookbooks. And now I have my camera back!

In other news, last night I made a tasty sliced food meal. I sliced a snow apple, a pattypan squash, and a potato and fried them in butter, sauteed with onion, green peppers, and banana peppers, and garnished with a few quartered cherry tomatoes. It was quite tasty!


A while back, I went to Pennsylvania to a reunion of friends who had been involved in the A Treasure’s Trove arm-chair treasure hunt. Among the festivities, we played a freaking hilarious game called “1000 Blank White Cards.” Apparently, this game was “invented” a while back, but I’d only heard of it recently. It has even been included in the Hoyle’s Book of Card Games. The rules are very basic and mostly deal with the structure of the game.

In a nutshell, you get to make the cards yourself. You make a few before the game, but you are encouraged to add to the deck during game play, modifying the rules, giving yourself points or others penalties and creating general havoc.

I’ve got some scans here of the cards that were created. One of my favorite plays in the game was when I played the “Soccer Rules” card on the player sitting next to me. The card prohibited her from touching her cards with her hands. She immediately got the Yellow card played on her, and resorted to turning over the cards with her mouth. Someone then played the “Icky Spit Card -5pts” on her. Eventually she got around to labeling her cards as belonging to someone else so that she could play them. It was hilarious!

Really, there’s not much point to the game, but I had a great time thinking up new rules, trying to thwart other rules, and at the end of the game, I don’t even know if anyone won or not. It was a laugh a minute though.

You can check out more info on 1000 Blank White Cards at Wikipedia. There are some online repositories of cards around the internets, which are fun, but I will warn that they can tend to be slightly more “adult” in nature.

What would your card be?

Our Family Farm, CSA Pick-up #6

Cherry tomatoes!
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So good news/bad news. I’ve got actual pictures of my pickup this week, posing gently with some of my cookbooks. Unfortunately, when I mailed my preferred camera back for a warranty repair last week, I sent the cable for my big camera. So now I have a mismatched cable! If I can figure out how to get the pictures from my card without a cable, I’ll add them.

I wondered how much food I was getting, so I actually broke out my scale. Turns out I’ve gained a little weight (no surprise there, stupid PD finance) and I got 11.4 pounds of produce today, excluding the extras I picked up while I was at the market.

Here’s the take this week.

1- Two egg plants
2- Two summer squash
3- One smallish bunch of swiss chard
4- 1 pint of new potatoes (I think it was a pint, maybe it was a peck… I don’t know!) There were a lot of potatoes, of all sizes, but I went with the new potato size.
5- One yellow zucchini
6- Four slicing tomatoes
7- 1 pint of cherry tomatoes (which I am so excited about! The last batch was just so flavorful, all seven of them.)
8- One banana pepper
9- One chili pepper
10- Two jalapenos
11- One dozen eggs

There was also an onion available, but I forewent it. They were looking kind of scraggly, and I’ve got too many onions right now anyhow.

I also picked up a bunch of basil for $0.50, a cuke for $0.50, and a pint of early “Snow Apples” for two bucks. I had never heard of Snow Apples, and I’ve been looking for something to use in cabbage and apples. I stopped and they gave me one to taste that they couldn’t sell because of bird pecks on one side. It was quite delicous, so I ended up buying them.

So apparently, this has turned into a food blog… Guess that tells you where I’m at these days. 😉 I’ve got a surfeit of vegetables right now. I ate out way too much last week because of various outings and happenings, and had very little chance to cook. I’m thinking of taking a double share to the Mingle tomorrow, just to reduce the number of vegetables taking over my house.

I’ve got several half-written posts lying about, so look for them before too long.

CSA Pickup #5 – Hats off to Amy

It’s obsessive list time. Are you ready? This week’s list is brought to you by the first potatoes of the season, and Amy too. I talked her into picking up for me while I was in Pennsylvania.

So here’s my produce:
(The list is from Amy on my Facebook, edited a little as I unpacked)

1- one bunch of cilantro,
2- 1 onion,
3- 3 peppers (two looked like serranos maybe, and one like a green bell pepper, not sure though)
4- 1 summer squash
5- 1 eggplant
6- 1 pattypan squash
7- 8 red potatoes of various sizes
8- 3 small tomatoes and 7 cherry tomatoes
9- 1 dozen eggs
10- more snapdragons
11- 2 massive zucchini
12- Mystery Greens – possibly spicy mustard greens
13- 1 cucumber

So, my first reaction was that I have the ingredients for ratatouille. Add some garlic and olive oil, and it should be delicious. I’m excited about the tomatoes too. They aren’t big enough for slicing yet, but they could make a good pico de gallo.

Apparently, I can’t dress myself

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You know how it’s cute when a little kid starts learning to dress themselves, and they get their shoes on the wrong feet? What if it’s a twenty-freaking-eight year old who can’t dress himself on Monday mornings?

Honestly, I still don’t really know what happened. I was sitting at my desk, talking to my supervisor about the weekend, and upcoming stuff for the week, when I look over at one of my feet. I thought to myself, “That’s odd, I swear I put on my black shoes today.” You know, black shoes to go with my black socks, and my black slacks. Perfectly normal right? That foot I was looking at was wearing one of my brown shoes.

So I looked at the other foot… yep, I was wearing a black shoe, like I thought… on that foot…

I’m half an hour away from home, and wearing two obviously unmatched shoes. How embarrassing! Of course, I was talking right at that moment of recognition, and I just blurted it out.

I spent much of the rest of the day hidden at my desk, and when I did go to meetings, I spent time standing on one foot, so that fewer people would get to see both shoes together at the same time.

Other than my supervisor, to whom I blurted my situation, I only know of one person who noticed! Perhaps that’s all for the best.

So far, I’ve managed to wear matched shoes the rest of this week. But its only Wednesday, so who knows what’ll happen tomorrow.